BSB 704052

Line of Credit

If you want to have money 'on hand' for activities such as renovations, home additions, holidays or investments a QPCU line of credit may suit you.

A secured overdraft provides a line of credit so you can access funds whenever you need to. An overdraft allows you to draw funds from your loan up to an agreed amount. Once you pay off part or all of the drawn funds you can access those funds again.

Classic Plus Home Loan Overdraft Package

A home or investment line of credit with a discounted variable interest rate

Interest Rate

4.89% p.a.

Mortgage Secured Overdraft

A home or investment line of credit with a competitive variable interest rate. Access funds whenever you need to

Interest Rate

5.49% p.a.

Terms and conditions are available on request. Normal transaction and account fees and charges still apply. Normal lending criteria applies. Interest rates current as at 23 May 2016 and are subject to change without notice.

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