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Internet & mobile banking

Bank from home or on-the-go 24/7 with our safe and secure internet and mobile banking.

To register for internet and mobile banking call us on 13 77 28 or download an application form. Once you have registered you will be issued with a username and password which you can use to log into your account.

With internet banking you can:
  • View up-to-date account balances & transactions
  • Transfer funds to QPCU accounts or accounts at other financial institutions
  • Pay and manage bills with BPAY and via BPAY View
  • Set up 'personal payees' to make regular transfers or payments easier
  • Download statements to programs such as MS Excel, Quicken and Money
  • View year-to-date interest
  • Change your card's PIN

Mobile banking works in a similar way to internet banking. To access mobile banking, simply open your mobile phone web browser and go to:

Pay Anyone Mobile Banking Collection

Please go here to collect your payments.

Internet banking troubleshooting tips

Make sure you are on the login screen, then press the F5 button on your keyboard.

You may need to do this twice to take effect. If you are on a tablet device, there should be a refresh/reload button available to press.

Click on the settings icon, then click on "Internet Options".

You will see "Browsing history". Click on the "Delete" button as shown, then confirm by clicking the "Delete" button once prompted.



Click on the Settings icon in Chrome, then click on "History". 

Click on the "Clear browsing data".


Make sure "the beginning of time" is selected from the dropdown box and that "Empty the cache" is selected, then click on the "Clear browsing data" button.



Click on the "Firefox" button at the top left hand side of the browser, hover the mouse cursor over the "History" option to reveal "Clear Recent History" and click then on it.

Make sure "Everything" is selected from the dropdown box and ensure the following options are ticked. Then click on "Clear Now". 
There are several benefits to updating your browser to the latest version. The most notable benefit is ensuring that you have the browser with the highest level of security fixes available, plus any additional fixes to compatibility issues present in older browsers which can adversely affect the sites you visit.

Generally speaking, browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari automatically update to the latest version. However, with Internet Explorer, only the very latest versions have automatic updates enabled.

To find out which version of Internet Explorer you have, click on the Tools icon as shown and then click "About Internet Explorer". This will reveal your version number.


If you are using Windows 7, to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, please go to the following Microsoft link to download Internet Explorer 11


If you are using Windows XP, the latest Internet Explorer version you can update to is Internet Explorer 8. Unfortunately, this version is fast becoming outdated and several high profile websites no longer support this browser e.g. It is recommended that an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari is used in this case which are updated regularly. 
Having your browser set to more than 100% zoom can disrupt the content within the internet banking site. It is recommended that your browser be set to the default settings to ensure a consistent user experience.
If you are still encountering issues, try using an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you are currently using Internet Explorer. These browsers tend to experience less compatibility issues

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